I. Booking conditions for residences at the Relais du Vieux Sauvaire

1. Reservation

A residence is reserved only once the client has paid a 50% down payment or the whole payment. The remainder of the payment will be collected one month before the start date of the rental period. A deposit of €2000 will be required and returned on the date of departure provided that the residence is left in the state in which it was found.

Optional services can be paid for in advance or when the client arrives.

Upon arrival, the number of guests (adults and children) must not exceed the number for which the reservation was made. Any additional guests will have to pay for an additional residence. If no residences are available, it will not be possible to host the extra guests.

2. Amendments

Any request to amend the dates, residence or services reserved will be catered for as far as possible. Any difference in price will need to be paid by the client. Please note that amendments, particularly to dates, are unlikely to be possible one month or less before the date of the stay.

3. Cancellation

In the case of cancellations made at least two months before the date of the stay, the down payment will be fully refunded. In the case of cancellations made less than two months before the date of the stay, the down payment will not be refunded. In case of having paid the whole aumount of the booking, 50% will be refunded. In the case of cancellations made less than one month before the date of the stay, payment will be taken for the full cost of the reservation.

The Relais du Vieux Sauvaire reserves the right to not refund some of the optional services requested, in cases whether the service provider requires payment for these services, even though they were not performed.

II. Payment

1. Use of the residences and their facilities

A. Check-in and check-out times

The residences will be ready to receive guests from 3 p.m. on the day of arrival. Guests must check out before 11 a.m. on the day of departure.

B. Stay

Our residences are a pleasant place to stay, located between the hills and the sea. The Relais du Vieux-Sauvaire has six residences that can house up to 30 guests in total. Our residences have been designed to allow each guest to enjoy calm and privacy while having access to shared facilities. To ensure this is the case, we politely ask guests not to make excessive noise before 8 a.m. and after 10 p.m.

C. Equipment

All equipment in the residences is listed. Guests can request a copy of this list. Before guests arrive, we make sure that all the equipment is working correctly. Guests must inform the Relais du Vieux Sauvaire immediately if any equipment is not working properly. Any damaged or missing equipment will be billed after departure.

D. General

Smoking is not permitted except in the designated outdoors space and on the terraces outside the residences. Pets are accepted if they are well behaved.

2. Use of the garden and its facilities

A. The garden

The garden at the Relais du Vieux Sauvaire is entirely open to residents. Please be aware, however, that the Relais du Vieux Sauvaire is situated within the Massif des Maures and that the estate is a natural environment. Picnics are permitted on the condition that the natural environment is respected. Smoking is prohibited. In particular, please bear in mind the risks of fire, especially during the summer. It is not permitted to cut down or damage the trees growing on the estate, regardless of the species. We would discourage you, and children especially, from collecting berries, mushrooms, etc., without a guide or preliminary advice, both within and beyond the estate. Wild animals, such as wild boar and roe deer, may cross the estate. These animals, provided they are not disturbed, are not dangerous. If there is an accident, inform us and, if necessary, the emerging services immediately.

B. The kitchen garden

The kitchen garden is not open to the guest. But the guests can enjoy our vegetables and eggs through our shoping list.

C. Car park

Guests have a space in an outside car park throughout their stay. They are not allocated a particular parking space. The car park is only to be used for this purpose.

3. Swimming pool regulations

In accordance with the current legislation, the swimming pool at the Relais du Vieux Sauvaire is protected by an access barrier and a movement detector in the swimming pool fitted with an alarm. There are no lifeguards in attendance. These are precautions and do not replace proper surveillance, particularly by parents. Please note that children may not swim in the pool unsupervised. Unaccompanied children are not allowed near the pool. Equipment such as floats, float suits and armbands, etc. are necessary for children under six, even if they know how to swim, and in themselves are not enough to prevent drowning. Swimming after prolonged exposure to the sun or after a meal carries risks of cold shock response or drowning, regardless of the age of the swimmer and his or her level of experience.

The swimming pool is open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Diving and playing in the pool are permitted, provided this does not disturb others. Guests must wear a swimming costume or trunks when bathing. Babies must wear waterproof nappies. Sun loungers must be draped with a bath towel before being used.

4. Living alongside other residents on the estate

The Relais du Vieux Sauvaire welcomes all guests who wish to enjoy a comfortable, pleasant stay between the hills and the sea. We do our best to meet the specific wishes of all our guests. To do so, we also ask guests to respect some basic rules when on the estate. Guests are asked not to make excessive noise between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. Please note that acoustic concerts are sometimes held on the terrace of our restaurant in the months of July and August. We also ask that guests respect the environment in which they are staying and dispose of their waste in the designated bins in the garden and outdoors spaces. Guests are asked to bear in mind that the estate facilities are shared and that use of the facilities by a guest or guests must not prevent their being used by other guests.